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Meeting times & information

We hold regular meetings that are designed to encourage and develop a deepening love for God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We do this by studying and reading God's word and talking together about it.
You are invited to join us.

Sunday Meetings

Sunday Memorial Meetings

Memorial Meetings commence at 11.00am on Sunday and usually continue for around one and a half hours.  These meetings are conducted in a quiet,  formal atmosphere with hymn singing, prayer and a Bible focussed talk given by one of the members of the congregation. Near the end of the meeting all baptised members participate in 'eating bread and drinking wine' to signify their rememberance of, and identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Visitors are most welcome to attend or if you would like more information please click on the link below.

Lismore Christadelphians

Sunday School

Our Sunday program commences with Sunday School at 9.10am.
Approximately 80 children attend so classes are divided into age groups.
Kindy class is for childern 3 and 4 years old.
Primary class is for 5 to 8 years old - Junior class is for 9 to 12 years old.
Intermediate class is 13 to 14 years old. We have two Senior classes, one for young people 15 years and over and the other for older people who enjoy the informal atmosphere of discussing various Bible subjects together.
The childrens and young adults classes follow a 5 year set of Bible stories that cover from the Genesis record of creation all the way through to the New Testament record of the preaching of the Good News of the kingdom of God.
Visitors are most welcome to attend Sunday School or if you would like more information please click on the link below.

Lismore Christadelphians

Bible Discussion Classes

Exploring the Bible classes are held on most Monday nights at 7.30pm. These classes are an informal group discussion meeting where we explore a wide variety of different Bible subjects. If a member has a particular subject of interest they are welcome to suggest it as a topic for discussion and all those present are welcome to participate. These classes encourage fellowship and the development of a deeper desire for and understanding of God's word, which in turn developes a greater love for God and Jesus Christ. Visitors are most welcome to attend these classes and if you would like more information please click on the link below.


Lismore Christadelphian Ecclesia
PO Box 105 Lismore
New South Wales
Australia 2480


Phone: 02 999 1098
(pre-recorded message)

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